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Shopping Guide
China is a shopper's delight. There is an incredible selection of boutique shops, department stores, and hotel shopping arcades to browse through.
Chinese Cuisine
Guide to China (E Book)
The origin of golf is widely believed to be a game among Scottish shepherds in the 15th century. Later, it was introduced to imperial palace and became a game of noblemen. Nowadays, golf has been a multi-functional sport of health-keeping,leisure, recreation, and social intercourse.
China Mountains Tour (E Book)
China is a country with vast expanse of territory. The beautiful land is dotted with criss-crossing rivers and ranges of extending mountains, which from spectacular natural scenery and paly as an important componeent of China*s tourist resources. Of all the constituents of the natural scenery, the mountains are the most characteristic.
Guide to Chinese Museums (E Book)
If you want to have a good understanding of a country, especially a country like China with a 5,000-year history of ancient civilizaions, cisiting the country*s museums will be the most direct and convenient choice.
Chinese Gardens (E Book)
In the splendid treasure house of China*s historical and cultural heritages, there is a bright pearl of art---Chinese gardens. They present harmonious and perfect artistic images, natural and graceful artistic styles, original and unusual patterns, and reserved and profound artistic conceptions. Hence they enjoy a prestige as the "Mother of World Gardens."
Entertainment and Nightlife
China offers a wide variety of nighttime activities. The cities thrive with Chinese opera, dance, music, and fine cuisine. Museums, art, and classical gardens yield a host of treasures.
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